Back to School!

In November 2019, an armed conflict erupted in a village along the Thailand-Myanmar border between warring factions. Hundreds of villagers were evacuated to a shelter for safety, including children from a ministry run by OM MTI. Some of the children stayed at an evacuation centre, while others were dispersed elsewhere with their families.

The initial first 24 hours of conflict were a harrowing experience for hundreds, compounded by a lack of food and supplies.  Eventually, when the situation became less tense, the evacuees were released from the evacuation centre.

During the trying period, the children under the care of our team showed remarkable resilience under the difficult conditions. Even amidst poor sanitation, sickness and the cold weather, they kept their spirits up by reading the Bible, praying and singing praise songs. Many of them had brought their Bibles along, instead of extra clothing!

Over the subsequent weeks in December, the intense fighting abated. The villagers who were displaced gradually returned home when the fighting ceased. The children from the school at the Border also went home to be with their families. We are thankful that all of them have been accounted for and there are no casualties or damage to the school.

Since then, the school has started a new term. The team was initially concerned that many of the children would not return to the school. However, 94 children reported back for the new school term.